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VTF Electrofarfor Ltd was established in 1988 as a state owned Foreign Trade company in order to provide export and import of electrotechnical ceramics, equipment for ceramic industry and other related products. From 1998 VTF Electrofarfor Ltd is a private company whose share holders are members of its staff.

VTF Electrofarfor Ltd conducts its export activity in close collaboration with leading Russian insulators factories. Being a share holder of some factories VTF Electrofarfor Ltd takes active participation in management of these factories concentrating their efforts on raising quality and quantity of goods are exported. It is achieved by means of certification of National Quality control and Quality Control System of factories to ISO 9000 and products itself to well recognized International standards. Besides VTF Electrofarfor Ltd renders assistance to factories in providing them with modern equipment for the production of ceramics (pumps, kilns, shaping machine tools and so on).

Thanks to the above steps and ability of factories to produce high quality goods which meet requirements of standards IEC, BS, DIN and special requirements of customers VTF Electrofarfor Ltd is in position to offer goods for export which are competitive at world market. The list of the goods offered for export are stated below.

Import activity of VTF Electrofarfor Ltd is directed to provide porcelain factories with row materials, equipment, spare and component parts required for the manufacturing of their products.

Besides VTF Electrofarfor Ltd serves domestic market in the field of insulators and some kinds of eletrotechnical equipment (Disconnecting switches, Lightning Arresters and so on).

At present VTF Electrofarfor Ltd staff accounts 14 persons. Average annual turnover is equivalent to abt. USD 2,000,000-5,000,000.

General Director of the company is Malinovsky A.R.

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